Some of my SEO Results Delivered!

SEO is a time-consuming task, and to make it easier for SEOs, there are many different tools which can help to make the process faster.

Tools such as SurferSEO, SEMrush and Ahrefs which we will cover in this article, are essential to any successful digital marketing campaign.

When it comes to SEO, one of the most often repeated myths is that SEO takes time.

The truth is that it does take time, but not as much as many people think. A successful SEO strategy can take anywhere from six months to a year to reap the benefits and the process actually doesn’t have to be laborious or difficult.

Ranking Duration: 9 months – 2023-24

A legal services company providing process serving and legal document processing.

I developed a 6-month SEO roadmap campaign, focusing primarily on content optimization, on-page SEO, and creating bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) articles.


After 6 months, I increased the website traffic by 230.25%, doubling their expectations and achieving the top rank for specific keywords.

Ranking Duration: 10 months – 2021-22


a sizable UK-based online retailer of electric bikes and scooters. I developed a plan to fixed canonical problems, cannibalized pages, and align pages with user intent.

Over 10,000 clicks were made on the website in just 11 months.

Ranking Duration: 10 months 2022-23


A headless CMS, I fully optimized content modules and fixed 301 redirections, and maintained good site health. I increased the organic traffic their money pages and increased search visibility by 16% in the span of 9 months of my campaign.

Ranking Duration: 11 months  2020-21


An Orlando-based porta-potty rental, I optimized the site from scratch. Created quality topical content, internal linking, and keyword intent implementation. I generated high-volume keywords that made the rankings pulled up on search results. Increased pageviews to 2k and leads 100+.

Ranking Duration: 6 months – 2019


An occupational med site, the client wants to rank on an alcohol breath test and DOT. Created an outline and strategy, for 6 months resulted 20% of keywords on the 1st page and now on the top of search results.

Ranking Duration: 12 months –  2020


A Printing services based in Orlando. The client wants to rank on local and global keywords.

climbed clicks up to 9k and hit 1M impressions in my 1 year of SEO work with them. Also, Increased their revenue to 46.8%

Ranking Duration: 5 months -2020


Local Branch of  Minuteman Press.
The client wants to get the keywords rank in the Orlando area.
Created a Local SEO strategy and GMB optimization. Most of the keywords now are #1 in Local Map pack Orlando, FL

Fixing Duration:6 months –  2021 – 2022


Maintained the health of the site and refined the content with user intent keywords.

Fixed the necessary issues and repurposed old articles with related searched keyphrases.

Ranking Duration: 3 months – 2020

had worked on an interim contract for this. The client desires to rank first on her course pages. for brief amount of time, therefore enhanced the content and natural keywords. reached the top spot for six keywords in under two months.


Fixing Duration: 6 months – 2021


Worked on optimizing their local search and improved internal linking from landing pages.

Performed Striking keywords using Google search console queries and ranked keywords to position 1.

Work Reference:

Team Leader SEO

Marketing Manager

Web Developer/SEO

Mark Stowell

Head of Marketing

Arnie Lou Jagonos

SEO Specialist